6 Marzo 2020

The Energy poverty Alliance’ Manifesto

Energy poverty is a phenomenon of poverty growing in developed countries

Impact on community

We often talk about energy poverty considering only the economic side, but this phenomenon has an high social price too. Old people, young unemployed, underaged are the victims of this scourge.


Energy is fundamental, being the thread unifying economic growth, social equity and environmental preservation. A thread that should be reached by everyone.

What does it mean? It means that fuel poverty is surely economical, but has even social, environmental, quality of people’s life, their wellness and peace between countries effects.
Lack of energy blocks the opportunity of moving, communicating, working, producing food and other consumer goods.

The result is: reducing, fundamentally, quality of life, bringing it under the resistance’ limit and impacting, directly, on people’ health, especially about children and aged. That’s why chilling diseases grow, cardiac problems increase and psychological distresses get more frequent. Mortality in developed country grows for these causes.

Fuel poverty represents the denial of a human right: energy access, energy that should be safe, clean, reliable and sustainable. But we can’t fight energy scarcity only economically; we need a change of mentality, because energy is a universal asset and it has to become a common asset, especially the renewable one.

What we want to reach

The Fuel poverty alliance as authorized personnel, with this task, will try to paint a new picture, a different standard from the past and so we have to move consequently.

We’re facing a deep energy transition, changing production, developing, social and use’ models.

To counteract fuel poverty efficiently, we need the engagement of everyone: from consumers to companies, institutions (local, national and global level). To develop a real energy efficiency/saving: for companies to stop the addiction to coal and to consumers to help them becoming prosumers or, better, Self-consumer, that is producer of clean energy, both to be used for satisfying their own needs and to be released in the network.

By now is necessary, can not be postponed, to realize a virtuous circle that, since a bigger energy saving and lower wastes, may start a new self-feeding chain: less waste = less energy’s needs = less pollution = less climate change = less energy cost = less fuel poverty.

To realize this energy circularity means producing a better and more dignified life for everyone, especially for the ones still having the right to energy violated and/or denied.
So, we ask to all Institutions and governments to make aware and coherent choices, not only from the economical point of view, but even from environmental, social and supportive ones, because energy is an essential element for life and development and it has to be explained and managed so, considering it property of all and not a privilege for few.

The four topics of the Manifesto
Alliance target are:

1) Broadcasting best practices in energy efficiency, promoting knowledge about energy, water and gas bonus;
2) Supporting reading and simplifying the bills;
3) Teaching sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings;
4) Synergy between the different outstanding initiatives and stakeholders.

Targets of the alliance:

Rates rearrangement: a review for them is urgent. Electric rate has to be simplified reducing the impact of all costs not referred to consumption. By this, lower bills especially for the most exposed parts of population.
Social bonus increase: we have to simplify and automate the access to social bonus, expand the pool of entitled parties. As confirmed even from the “Autorità di regolazione per energia, reti e ambiente”, now the social bonus is too muddled and passable to few (this topic is passed in Italy with the law on December 2019).

Establish social fund: realizing a fund for fuel poverty, powered, for example, with the annual rounding of the bills (stocks of the end of the year).

Promoting energy efficiency: is the keystone to contrast fuel poverty. Starting from upgrading public building’ assets, occupied in the most part by lower class, is possible to obtain more energy efficiency and so energy saving, more work, more investments and bigger promotion of public asset.
Using new technologies: using new technologies is fundamental to hinder fuel poverty. Their use for energy upgrading’s intervention both public and private, allows to realize the energy saving and energy efficiency able to make everyone use energy.

Stimulating circular economy: realizing a virtuous cycle, a no waste culture, where everything we make, we transform and reuse it to contrast energy scarcity.

Create purchasing groups: buying energy with purchasing groups may contribute to reduce the electric bill.

Spreading information/training campaigns about efficiency and energy saving: explain to consumers how to save energy, improving energy efficiency means not to waste, to pollute and pay less


Canale Energia founder of the Alliance with Adicosum is the free online daily of Gruppo Italia Energia, a publishing company of the energy sector that edits also Quotidiano Energia, e7 the weekly of Quotidiano Energia and CH4 the Italian gas magazine.

The journal is an instrument to inform final customer, especially if “defenseless” about how the energy have an impact on his life quality and costs.

Canale Energia is use to be media partner in European international events and projects ( for example: Assist, Smart Consumer and Smart Up). The topics covered within the publication are: energy poverty, energy efficiency, smart city, sustainability, innovation and circular economy